The story so far

January 2018


Our petition achieved 100,000 signatures in less than 5 weeks and a debate is scheduled for 29th January 2018 in Westminster Hall at 4.30pm.

At the moment the petition has slowed down. There are two reasons for this, the first is that the government reply to the petition even at 10,000 signatures was very negative. The second reason is that now the debate is scheduled we have publicized the petition less. More signatures are always welcome, so please sign if you haven’t.




October 2017

We started a new 2017/18 petition two weeks ago and to date 20th October we have achieved 12,306 signatures. This proves to us that there are many people out there who feel as we do.  You can have too much of a good thing!  Although many enjoy fireworks, even they feel that firework use has got out of hand. You only have to watch the news from now until January and at least twice a week there is an incident where fireworks have been used as weapons against (of all people) our emergency services.

It is time to put a stop to this, as with acid attacks, the government need to act NOW.

Link to 2017/18 petition….



Stage 1

The petition finished in April 2016, after raising an amazing 104,038 signatures!

Due to the signatures achieved, the issue was debated at parliament on June 6th at 4:30pm

Prior to the debate the team promoted the campaign with radio (local and national) and television interviews including  BBC Breakfast. Links to the debate are below.

The outcome of the debate is that there was an agreement something needed to change and they didn’t want a total ban (like us!) so we have been working hard on coming up with our Stage 2 plan

Watch the debate here:

Link to debate:

Full transcript here:

Stage 2

We have started a new petition to start addressing what the MPs said they would be open to. A change in which only organised events are run. (link below with full information) We are however still asking for help (information for this is found on our home page)