Welcome to the Firework Abatement Campaign Official Website.

We hope that as you are here with us that you feel as passionately about restricting the use of fireworks to certain dates as we do. Our aim is to restore some well needed peace to our communities.

Many of you will be aware of the distress and sometimes injury and death caused to animals, our dogs, cats, rabbits, horses in field and stable as well as livestock and wildlife. But how many people realise the distress caused by these random fireworks to the young child who cannot sleep or is woken during the night, the elderly having lived through the 2nd World War are thrown back into a time they would rather forget. The returning military personnel having served their country now fighting the battle with PTSD made worse not only by the fireworks themselves but the residual smell that hangs in the air. There are many illnesses which are made worse by the sudden heart thumping bangs, whistles and screeches of fireworks. During the winter months the use of fireworks has become an almost daily traumatic intrusion into our lives, we hope that by highlighting these facts and promoting our campaign that more people realise the devastation their back garden ‘fun’ can have on others around them. We hope you will help us to do just that, by signing and sharing our petition. We want you to know that you are not alone, we are not a minority, we just need to be heard.


Although we have had 3 petitions debated in Parliament, no law has ever changed on the back of a debate. During the debates it was apparent that many MPs realise there is an ongoing problem with fireworks. Once again this year we would ask that you help the campaign by writing to your MP, we need more MPs to realise that there is a problem and just because there have been debates it is NOT the end of the FAB Campaign. Seriously, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Go to writetothem.com enter your post code to find your MP (it may have changed since the shake-up earlier this year). It doesn’t have to be long or complicated – just write from the heart.

RANDOM FIREWORKS can be distressing and debilitating for many people and animals. We are again campaigning to ask the government to amend the regulations to make domestic firework use illegal except for the week around the 5th November, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

The successful petition and campaign by FAB which led to a debate in Parliament on 6th June 2016 was focused on animals.  The televised debate can be seen here or  read the Hansard report (the full transcript) links below.

During our first campaign it became apparent that many more people than we had first suspected were affected by random fireworks. With that in mind and following on from our success with regard to animals and fireworks we are now petitioning for a change with a people biased petition.  Professional displays that are well managed with advance advertising are the way forward.   Forewarning of such displays help people to organise and prepare.  Random firework use, is neither advertised or well managed and causes problems.

We have now implemented stage 2 of our campaign, which focuses on people and the effect that fireworks have on them.

The reports follow on from stage 1 Petition 109702

How you can help

We are now at Stage 2 of our campaign.

To help you could:


Writeto your MP…If you dont know what to write, please contact us using the contact form and we will send you a letter that you can send to your MPs, (keep at them until they reply.) Add to this letter but remember, we are not asking for a ban.

You could add the link to the report when writing to MPs.

Helpful information is also available at www.writetothem.com


Keep reporting those fireworks! We are keeping a log which we are using as proof that fireworks are not  just being used around traditional dates. Even on traditional dates there are time limits, people are not listening to the law. Report all instances