Why are we here ?

We are at the second stage of our campaign to have the use of back garden fireworks restricted from the current and legal 365 days a year to approx. 10 days to cover the traditional holidays.

Why are we not calling for a ban?

There have been many petitions over the years calling for a ban, none of which reached the debate stage. The Government DEBATED our campaign in June 2016. As they think that most people use fireworks in a responsible way and at an appropriate time the chance of having another debate is negligible. Do not be disheartened by the lack of change – no law is ever changed by debate alone.

Why do we need signatures ?

We need signatures to prove the strength of feeling the Great British Public have on the subject of fireworks.

Why do we ask you to write to your MP?

Letters need to be sent to MPs so they are aware of the problems with fireworks in their individual constituencies. Many MPs will try to avoid replying or give a stock answer in their replies. This does not mean we should roll over and give up.

Why fill in the firework log?

We ask you to fill in the firework log as it is gives us proof that fireworks are used outside the assumed by government appropriate times and dates.

Why do we ask you to send in Media stories.

We need this information to back up our signatures. As with the MP letters, firework log and everything else we ask of you it is to put in our final report. No campaign is ever successful on signatures alone.

Why do we do this ?

Good question – because we care. We are sick and tired of seeing and hearing stories about people and animals suffering because of the use of fireworks. We have a huge advantage on many campaigns as we have already achieved so much. But if members do not help there really is no point in us Admin and our small band of volunteers knocking ourselves out day after day. So instead of asking why, trust us and help us.

If you can’t help, won’t write to your MPs, don’t fill in the firework log the really big WHY question is.

Why do you think things will change if we don’t all work together ?
And for that why question I don’t have the answer.